HVAC*: Heated Ventings and Commentary

As I get older, I like to hear my own opinions more. What better way to spare the people I encounter on a daily basis than by posting it all here, where only those who WANT to hear what I have to say have to.

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*Why HVAC? I've been involved in the last 2 years with trying to help the theater I'm president of - Hole in the Wall - move to a new building. The thing that's been holding us up the most? Getting together the money to buy a new HVAC system for the building. It just seemed a good theme for a blog about ranting and venting.

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Tuesday, April 02, 2002
This site has moved: I have moved the site to a new, ad-free server. You can find it at http://www.whiterose.org/amy/blog/. Please change your bookmarks, and come visit the new site!